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WordPress vs Wix vs Blogger

Best websites to start a blog
Best websites to start a blog

With countless blogging websites out there, you may want to know which one is free and easy to set up, so we did a comparative review on three of the best websites to start a blog.

What are the best websites to start a blog?


WordPress is the most popular blogging platform.


  • No need for a set. It comes with free hosting.
  • It’s user-friendly
  • WordPress checks for security with Jetpack essential features
  • It comes with numerous free themes and allows for an upgrade.


  • Limited options for blog modification.
  • Custom plugins are not allowed.
  • You can’t monetize it, and ads aren’t allowed
  • You don’t have full rights over your blog, and it can be suspended when you violate the terms.


Blogger was formerly known as BlogSpot, and Google owns it. It is user-friendly. Blogger is easy to set, and by simply connecting it to your Google profile, you can set up your website in no time. It is suitable if all you need is something simple and you don’t intend to upgrade it later.


  • It is simple.
  • No need to set up. It comes with free hosting and domain.
  • Google secures it.
  • With Google AdSense, you can earn money on your blog.


  • There are limited templates and options for modifying and customizing your blog.
  • No option for upgrade and transferring your blog to another platform is complicated.
  • There’s limited right over your blog.
  • Fewer updates and new features and support are low.


Wix is a free hosting platform that comes with many easy drags and drops templates. It is user-friendly but complicated for beginners to use its features.


  • Easy to create and upgrade.
  • Numerous and Amazing drag and drop templates are available.


  • Its features and customization options are limited, and you can’t change the template later.
  • The free plan shows Wix ads.
  • You have limited rights over your blog; so, it can be suspended anytime.

Conclusion: Choosing the best websites to start a blog

With the three blog sites thoroughly explained above, we hope you’ll be on your way to owning a website soon.

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