What Can Replace E-Mails On Mobiles

What can replace e-mails on mobiles
what can replace emails on mobiles

What does E-mails mean?

There are several questions on what e-mails entails in a mobile device. First and foremost, E-mails are electronic messages that send information in a written format, either through pdf files or text documents.

What can replace E-mails on mobiles?

The relevant question to be unraveled is, what can replace email on Mobile? This is a question that has been discussed, times without number among various gadgets user and app developers. It seems there are a various alternative to sending and receiving messages in our present days. Today, so many applications have been enabled to disseminate information from WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. All these apps have been able to stand the test of time since the inception of social media. I have been able to research on which app can significantly stand the test of time in disseminating information. I came to realize that the social media (WhatsApp down to Twitter), as mentioned above, would be a good suggestion.

Looking at how our various mobile devices have developed a diverse app in carrying out their tasks, one must ask if the age of email is gradually coming to an end. Many years ago, especially during the 1990s, one would note that postal service was the only means and significant method in which people pass information from one person to another. Today the email service has overtaken it. This is a key factor to note that there would be a time where email service would no longer be available. It would be seen as a thing of the past just as postal service.

Why is there a need for new innovations?

There is speculation on the need to opt for other means of receiving information on our devices, but what then would be the most vibrant and satisfactory option left to tackle this issue? What electronic messenger would be able to suppress email service ranging from yahoo mail to Gmail?. All these are vibrant electronic apps any individual can think of having to pass credible information to and fro.
Today, presently the bank, various schools, churches, companies have opted for the email option to enable their clients, students, members, to receive important messages about their activities.

There would be another application, either a mobile app or any other application, that can perform the task of an email application on a mobile device. This would show that there would be an improved service that would be more standard than that of the email application
Every new means of communication has shown that though email application on Mobile has been a good and reliable app for disseminating information, there is a need for other innovations.

Uzi Okeoghenemaro