The Evolution Of Mobile Operating System

Mobile operating system evolution
Mobile operating system evolution

Mobile operating system constantly evolves. This evolution gives us more room to explore and turn our mobile devices into a mobile office and the base for social platforms that breed connectivity. With that said, we will be examining Java, Android, and IOS.

Some of the mobile operating system include


Java is a programming language developed by Sun Microsystems for the very first set of smartphones. In the 90s, James Gosling developed Java phones that supported low-level basic applications and can only run simple programs. Furthermore, there are a lot of java applications for mobile phones and computers available online. Of course, java phones have long battery life.

Other features of a java phone include
1. Keypad is the input method
2. It uses a macro SIM card.
3. Internet connectivity is via GPRS technology.
4. It comes with Bluetooth, GPS, and push-to-talk technology.

Android mobile operating system

Android is a mobile operating system developed by Google. The design was primarily for touch screen devices. Still, the OS is so popular that its applications extend to wearables (wristwatches and so on.), televisions, and even cars. Also, android has been the highest-selling and most popular OS on various device platforms for years now.

Additionally, Android phones support large applications and can run almost any program now. With the advent of phones with as large as a twelve gigabyte RAM(12GB) and nearly infinite ROM, It can do almost everything your laptop can on a smaller screen. As well, android phone screens come with high resolution for a colorful and clear display. Also, Android phones can multitask, and they come with a multi-touch capability screen.

Besides, other features may include
1. The use of an on-screen keypad as input method
2. They come with multiple language options and voice-based features.
3. They come with auto-correction, a dictionary, and a fully developed web browser.
4. Furthermore, they come with a very sharp and clear rear camera and a front-facing camera for video calling.
5. Android devices support LTE, EV-DO, NFC, and other options of connectivity.
6. Also, they comes with Bluetooth and wifi tethering support.
Lastly, External storage can be added to it in the form of an SD card.


IOS is a mobile operating system built exclusively for devices made by Apple. This OS itself is unique in its functionality. It is also prevalent, and its applications extend beyond mobile devices. The OS can handle large applications and run almost all programs. The only setback is it can only be used on an Apple device, and compatible applications are built solely for the OS, as applications for other OS will not work on it and vice versa. IOS operated iPhones come with an array of features as well.
They can multitask as well as android phones and have a multi-touch display input as well.

Iphones come with Siri, a smart personal assistant built into the IOS, which uses recommendations and voice queries to optimize device performance.
Iphones are deemed very security conscious as a result of security features built into the IOS operating system. This includes two-factor authentication, which allows you to access your account only after a verification code sent to another device has been inserted.

The development of these operating systems has given us access to the world through our mobile devices and opportunities to view the world without leaving our location.

Written by Tolulope Asaju