Scribesbay’s First Writer’s Interview Session

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This interview features one of Scribesbay’s finest freelance writers, Boluwatife Timothy, who recently got to a #100,000 mark on Scribesbay. This writer gets to share with us how he sources information, how he deals with rejections, how he feels about getting to the #100,000 mark, and more.
See the Record of the interview below:

Can we know you

My name is Boluwatife Timothy. I’m 20 years of age. I’m in my 2nd year of medical school, and surprisingly I’m a content writer. I have a keen interest in writing, marketing, and business development. I also love sports, particularly football.

How did you learn about Scribesbay? What were your first thoughts?

I saw the advertisement on Nairaland. A user by the name of Klein posted it. I later discovered he was one of the staff in Scribesbay. The ad was enticing and insightful, analysing the benefits of working as a freelancer. Afterall, who wouldn’t want to earn money weekly? Immediately I saw the ad, I found it interesting and decided to give it a trial. Immediately I logged into the website; I saw that it was a good platform. I’m pleased I came across that ad.

What are your primary sources of information for your topics?

I can’t say I have a specific source I go to get information. Once I get the topics, I immediately do my research online. There are lots of articles that appear on the SERPs (the search engine result pages). I choose the ones that satisfy my intent then I create my piece.

What challenges do you encounter as a writer? How do you resolve them?

The notable challenges I faced were proofreading and grammatical checks. I was making minor errors, which made me score low on Grammarly. Scribesbay introduced me to Grammarly, which has helped me develop a lot. I took note of the little mistakes I made. When I started using Grammarly, I usually score low before editing. Now, I don’t need Grammarly to score high. My writing has developed a lot. Thank you, Scribesbay.

How do you cope with low-performance moments (when your article gets rejected)?

I see every rejection as a pillar for learning. Sometimes, I don’t believe that it’s my fault. The clients probably misconstructed the question, and then, there’s a problem with deciphering the message. Whenever I get rejections, I ask the platforms what my mistake was, and then, I work on that mistake to make my next article better.

What inspired you to start writing?

I don’t have a source of inspiration. I just saw Scribesbay ads and decided to try it out. Plus, it was enticing to earn money weekly as a student. However, that was not the main source of inspiration. I discovered writing different articles on different topics increased my knowledge along the line, and I wanted to learn more. That willingness to learn made me continue writing.

Share your experience writing contents and the strategies you use.

I’ve been able to get exposure to different topics and learn new things. I’ve also known patience in writing articles. This time I had a paper to write, I had to revise it over seven times. That alone taught me patience. The strategies I use are nothing new. Immediately I get the topic. I start gathering pieces of information from different websites, different articles. There are some times I don’t get the exact information I’m looking for online. So I have to think and use the little info I get to form a definite article. I work on introductions first, then the main body, and lastly, the conclusion. I use Grammarly to check for errors. That’s how I put my articles in place.

How has your experience been with Scribesbay?

It’s been fantastic so far. Scribesbay has helped me a lot. I’ve learnt a lot from the articles I write. The wealth of knowledge I’ve acquired is enough to fill the ocean. I hope to keep on acquiring knowledge. My writing skills have developed massively. During the Covid19 lockdown, Scribesbay kept me busy and resourceful. Instead of playing around and wasting my time, I was writing, learning, and getting paid for it.

What do you think Scribesbay is doing wrong? How do we fix this, in your opinion?

The only issue I have is going online to the site and finding no assignment available. I feel the projects are not enough. In my opinion, it is a technical issue that can be solved anyway. Other than that, Scribesbay is a fantastic platform for freelancers.

How do you feel getting the #100,000 mark?

I felt great. Anyone would feel that way, seeing your hard work and dedication paying off. You know you are doing something right, and the motivation to do more tripled. It’s a significant accomplishment for me.

What advice do you have for fellow writers?

Writers, learn to take writing as a passion, an avenue to learn. Do not focus on getting money alone and see how you will develop and grow beyond your wildest imagination.

Written by Ejoh Esther