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RSS: Facilitates The Distribution of Contents

RSS: facilitates the distribution of content
how to use RSS in WordPress

What does RSS mean?

The internet has improved communication. You can source for information and receive results within seconds. Technological advancement has further enhanced the system. Instead of searching for content, you get the news delivered to you. The RSS is a web feed that allows internet users to receive updates on online content.

The RSS, an acronym for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary, is a web system that distributes content from a publisher to online users. This web feed saves you the time you would have spent going through websites or blogs to search for newly published information. Once you subscribe to a blog or website, the RSS delivers new articles published on the site to you without searching for them.

WordPress uses the RSS feed to generate content to subscribed online users immediately after the information is published. This feature enables bloggers to reach their audience without delay.

Subscribing to an RSS feed

It would be best if you had a feed reader who will gather all the content from your subscribed websites. This feed reader will manage all your feeds and allows you to read the content with ease. Here are the steps you need to take to get newly published content delivered to you:
1. Install a feed reader on your device.
2. Visit the website or blog where you want to receive updates and click the RSS feed button. Then you follow the given instructions to subscribe and choose feed reader as your option. You may see a page requesting whether you want to add the site to your feed reader.
Instead of clicking the RSS button, you may copy and paste the link associated with your favorite website’s RSS feed on your feed reader.

Best feed readers for you

You should have a feed reader that can effectively manage your updates even when you aren’t online. With excellent apps that serve as feeds, you can catch up on information on your mobile device at your leisure time. Here are some RSS feeds that will effectively work on your iPad.
1. Feedreader: This feed possesses easy-to-use tools and a simple interface. Its preview option is an outstanding feature of this feed reader.
2. Flipboard: It is a beautiful feed reader that is compatible with mobile devices. You can opt for Flipboard if you are in the habit of catching up with content updates on the go.
3. Feedly is a feed reader with a simple and user-friendly interface. It has categories for collecting updates from individual RSS feeds while its home page displays news from various sites. You can use it for both professional and entertainment purposes. With this feed reader, you can learn the basics of RSS.

There are other feed readers with a variety of features. However, a web-based and easy to use feed reader may be ideal for you if you are new to the system.
RSS has improved the dissemination of information. However, it appears to be the future solution to individual services, including online shopping. Online users can get updates on items they have interest in buying or any category of products if they subscribe to Craiglist’s shopping sites.