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How to Get a Free WordPress SSL Certificate (Beginners Guide)

Free Wordpress SSL certificate

Are you searching for a free WordPress SSL certificate to improve the security of your website? It is now mandatory for all websites to have an SSL certificate installed. Browsers such as Google Chrome will flag your website as insecure if there is no SSL certificate installed on your site; this may lead to losing lots of traffic.

This article will explain how you can obtain a free SSL certificate to keep your WordPress site away from malware and security threats.

What Is an SSL Certificate and its Importance?

SSL is short for Secure Sockets Layer. SSL acts as a firewall layer between the web server and the user for a safe browsing experience. When you visit a website URL, it sends information to the server and displays the web page in your browser. This information can be anything from username/password, a website URL, personal information, credit card details, email address, etc. This data is private, and it needs to be handled sensitively.

If you’ve not implemented an SSL certificate, your website can be hijacked with important information lost. Hijackers use this information to blackmail users. Under the HTTPS protocol, it’s mandatory to keep your website protected by adding an SSL certificate. Only a certified authority can issue an SSL certificate. When you install the SSL certificate to your website, a padlock and HTTPS will become visible in your website’s URL.

Though an SSL certificate is vital for all websites, you need to understand that SSL is a MUST if you intend to handle user logins/registrations, online payments, memberships, etc. If not, your information and your website users’ information will be at a severe security risk.

How Can You Get a Free WordPress SSL Certificate?

An SSL certificate is a must for all kinds of websites. However, many website owners find it difficult to install one because of an SSL certificate’s additional cost. This can be extremely frustrating. But if SSL is that important and everyone needs it, why do we have to pay so much for it? It would have been better for everyone if it were free.
Don’t worry; we have good news for you!

A non-profit service known as Lets Encrypt provides free SSL for any interested website owner. This company understands the importance and need of SSL certificates for sites, giving out free certificate authority for everyone. Some of the world’s most famous companies, such as Google and Facebook, have noticed their act of kindness, which has helped drum up more support for their cause. Because of this, Lets Encrypt will continue to help website owners with free SSL certificates.
But, enabling an SSL certificate with Lets Encrypt is quite advanced and not beginner-friendly. You will need to have server knowledge and coding skills to install the Lets Encrypt SSL certificate on your site.
As a beginner, we recommend using hosting providers that offer free SSL certificates when buying your web hosting. They provide a free SSL certificate and install it on your website, which means you don’t need to worry about anything.

Written by Chukwudi Ojukwu