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How To Buy The Right Domain Name

How to choose the right domain name

Buying the right domain name is paramount to your website. A profitable business with the wrong name can collapse in a short time. Before purchasing a domain name,  it is of high significance to choose the right domain name.

How can you choose the right domain name?

Choosing the right domain name for your website is very important that it takes time to come up with one, and it is drawn from inspiration and critical thinking. Your name is your identity on the web, for which anyone can reach your website without any difficulty. With the right name, your business is on the path to success,  or better still, even more success.

Below are some tips to have in mind when choosing a domain name;
1. Choose a short and simple name. It will be easy to remember as compared to when using a long name.
2. Choose a name that relates to your kind of business or services. If you are offering the services of private security, is the right name.
3. Research the name. You should do this because some websites might just be using the same domain name as yours.
4. It is essential to use the .com extension. Most websites in the world make use of the .com, and the .com extension is easy to remember.
5. If another website has already used the .com name you have chosen, you will need to change it. If not,  you are just a few steps away to get it done.
6. There are different extensions that you can also use depending on the website you use to design the name. Below are some popular domain extensions
.org  usually for governmental websites,  non-commercial websites.
.net  a useful extension for website technology and internet infrastructure websites.
.co  for companies, community
.edu  for schools and formal institutions
.info  usually for sites that provide information
.blog  for personal blogs
7. After you have gotten the names, it is essential to get it registered. If another website has already registered it,  then you can buy the already registered name. It is usually costly to purchase.
To buy the right name,  you need to look at the best places.
If, however,  you find it challenging to come up with a domain name. Some websites can suggest and also sell names. Among them,  here are the best ones below:


After you have gotten the name,  it is necessary to get it registered. Regardless of whether you created the domain name or bought it, you must contact the domain name registered.

The registration fee is usually an annual fee of between $5 – $15 per year on average. The cost of acquiring the name varies from a few hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars. Once you’ve made the payments,  your website is up and running.
To buy the right

Written by Daniel Denis