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How Technology Can Influence Art

how technology has influenced art
how technology has influenced art


Technology has changed a lot of things from the old ways to new and better ways. Technology helps us devise easier and more efficient ways to get things done. As technology has advanced, so it has affected our lives and experiences in all phases over the years.
Technology has redefined art, giving artists and non-artists the opportunity to put their experience, beliefs, thoughts, and ideas into an art form that best portrays their feeling.

This is possible by the advent of various modes of technology that apply to art. This makes it easier to learn in an advanced and straightforward way to communicate expressions by an individual. The internet, graphic design, digital music and video, photo manipulation, e-books, and 3D printing are many ways technology has given art new forms of expression.

Art and Technology

Art has always been a means of communication from the old days, either through drawings or markings on cave walls or equipment. On the other hand, technology was a fundamental way of getting things done faster and more efficiently. However, the line separating both has become blurrier over time. We use arts to produce drawings and technological advancement plans, while technological advancement creates better art.

Technological advancement has given rise to opportunities, interconnection, and communication between people worldwide, no matter where you are, through the internet. The internet has been able to broaden the reach and extend the boundaries of what we perceive as different art forms. The horizons of art creation have been expanded by technology; artists have diverse forms of technology to showcase their art while doing it faster than in the old days. At this age, Vincent Van-Gogh could have easily used graphic design software to achieve his paintings within a shorter time than it took him to draw by hand. An architect also doesn’t need to start drawing by hand for hours when they can easily use AUTOCAD, design software to produce his plans.
The advancement of technology has also affected the way an artist thinks, giving them a broader imagination to produce innovative art forms.

Ways Technology has Affected Art

Some upgrades in technology that affects the communication of art forms are:

*3D printing.
*Photo manipulation using photoshop and lightroom by Adobe.
*Graphic design
*Video and audio editing
*Laser technology
*Discovery of radio waves and magnetic waves, which have diverse use
*Social media
*Robotics e.t.c

Technology and art in this generation are critical to everyday activities and communication. It gives artists diverse opportunities to reach more people who will appreciate their art form and learn to improve on the art form. The internet will always remain the most crucial technological advancement tool because art can not travel without it. With the internet, artwork can be on exhibition in Belgium while the artist is in Cuba. We do shows online through websites. Artists can make more sales and more impact through their art since they have a wider reach. That gives them more opportunities to showcase their skill and learn from veterans in their field through online interaction.