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.com vs .net Domain Name Extensions

Domain name extensions

The domain name comes in different extensions such as org, net, com, and so on. It represents your website’s identity. To build a recognizable brand in your industry, you need to choose a domain name extension that goes well with your website. These domain name extensions are used to differentiate various websites from each other.

What is the .com extension?

 Com domain is one of the most popular and most used domain name extensions. It shows a commercial domain name (i.e., the domain name for blogs, business websites, portfolios, etc.).

Using a .com domain, due to its popularity, gives your website visitors some form of familiarity with the business address and makes your business look more established and professional.

Things to consider when you want to use a .com domain name extension

  • Ensure that prospects can easily pronounce your domain name. Avoid the use of the hyphen, underscores.
  •  Adopt the use of online domain name generators. These generators come up with unique and available domain name ideas.

What is a .net extension?

 The net domain is also one of the most used domain name extensions in the world today. The net represents the network. It is commonly used by internet and email service providers. Although commercial business websites can use it, such a business’s success will require a very demanding market strategy.

 You should use a .net domain extension if you intend to offer database hosting, network, and email providing business or other network-related services. It is the closest alternative to the .com domain.

 About 4 percent of every registered domain name uses the .net domain name extension.

Differences between .com and .net domain name extensions

Both domain extensions are individually referred to as Top-level Domains (TLD). However the major difference between them is, .com is suitable for commercial-based websites, while .net is ideal for technology-based websites.

Which domain name extension (com or net) is better for Search Engine Optimization?

Choosing any of the two domain name extensions does not affect your SEO ranking. Search engines treat them the same. The most crucial part of SEO ranking is your domain name, not the domain name extension.


 If you intend to start a business website or commercial website, .com is most suitable for you (.net might be an alternative in case com is not available). If you intend to start a network-based website (database hosting, network, and email services provision), a .net domain name extension is more suitable. On choosing your preferred domain name extensions, learn how to buy the right domain name.