A Website and a Blog – the differences

A website and a blog

Most people do not know the difference between a blog and a website. Most see them as the same thing. This article will explain what a blog and a website are and the differences between them.

What is a blog?

A blog is defined as an informational website published on the world wide web(WWW). A blog consists of discrete posts which can be informal. The blog posts are arranged so that the new ones are seen first, while the older posts are seen later in the blog. Blogs can be singular, that is, handled or owned by a single author, or they can be Multi-Author Blogs (MABS) which, as the name suggests, is handled or owned by different authors. MABS can be found in newspapers, universities, and so on.

Blogs generally explain a particular subject, a topic which can range from sports to politics. Some blogs can function as an online diary, and others as an online brand advertising of a specific individual, product, or company.

Types of Blog

Blogs are of different types. Some of the varieties are listed below.

  • Personal blogs
  • Group blogs
  • Corporate blogs
  • Aggregate blogs

The word weblog was first used by Jorn Berger on the17th December 1997. Peter Merholz used the shortened form blog in May 1999. Blogs evolved from diaries or write-ups that authors wrote online and journals in the mid-90s. The earliest record of a commercial blog was on the first business-to-consumer website created by Ty, Inc in 1995. This contained a blog called Online Diary. The writers of the diaries or journals called themselves diarists or journalists. One of the earliest bloggers is Justin Hall, who began his blogging in 1994.

In the late 90s, the word weblog was first used, and it later changed to the weblog, which changed to weblog and then blogs later on. Blog usage gained popularity during 1999 and the years after. This popularity was aided by the launching of Open diary in October 1998 by Bruce Ableton, in August 1999 by Evan Williams, and Meg Hourihan.

What is a website?

On the other hand, a website is a collection of web pages and multimedia content that are identified with a domain name and are published on a web server. An example of a website is Websites are accessed through an IP(Internet protocol) network such as the internet, LAN (Local Area Network), and URL (Uniform Resource Locator). They identify the site.

Types of websites

The building block of a website is the webpage. A web page is written in plain text containing hypertext Markup language instructions (HTML or XHTML). The webpage is accessed with HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol). Websites are divided majorly into two types which are:

  • Static website
  • Interactive website

Website vs Blog

The significant difference between the two types is that a static website does not allow any interaction between the site owner and the site visitors or users. In contrast, an interactive website provides interaction between both parties.

What then are the differences between a blog and a website?

  • A blog is updated regularly with new posts appearing first, then older posts appearing later, while websites are not updated regularly.
  • A blogger can publish more than one new article a day, whereas websites are not updated frequently.
  • Blogs allow interaction between the blogger and readers, while some websites do not allow interaction between the site owner and the site user.
  • All blogs are websites, while not all websites are blogs.