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4 Reasons Why Wix Is The Better Choice For Web Design


Before now, building a website was something only coders can do or only for people who can pay coders handsomely to do it for them. Now, it’s a different story because some websites can help you build a website effortlessly and at a lower cost. WIX is one of them. This website offers an excellent drag-and-drop site builder, which helps create small websites, and it also provides free templates and provides its web hosting. Furthermore, there are domain names that can be gotten free or paid for. Other functions make this an excellent choice for building websites, they are:

1. Wix is the Best for eCommerce services

You can use this platform to design a responsive website for e-commerce. There are awesome and stunning online store templates that you can edit using the WIX-ADI. You can place an unlimited number of products on the website. It also allows web designers to create promotional codes, control shipping options, and manage the store through a mobile app or desktop.

2. Business

The process of building business websites is straightforward with this website. There are hundreds and thousands of free and paid templates specifically designed for companies and industries, from marketing, real estate, finance to law and every other business that anyone can do. There are also features like subscription forms, email marketing, booking appointments, and others WIX provides for business website builders.

There are options like ADI or WIX Editor; the Wix ADI designs the website and gives the editor full creative control without knowing codes.

More tech-savvy people can use the Wix code, and they can also have access to edit HTML behind templates which will bring about customization.

3. You can create personal websites

Websites like event planning, sharing portfolios, and building resumes can also be built with the WIX web building templates. There are templates for everything you need for your website.
Animation buttons allow a web developer to upload content from the laptop or other online accounts such as Facebook or Instagram.

4. Wix is affordable

It is available free and can be paid for as little as $13 per month, and it also has other plans like $17, $23 per month. Wix is undoubtedly the best website for website building.