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10 Website Marketing Data You Must Track on Every WordPress Site

Website marketing data you must track
10 website marketing data to track

Many businesses have websites designed using WordPress. Some tools can give useful marketing data that can help to increase traffic and sales. These tools have features that can make your business have outstanding success. However, most business owners are not aware of these critical website marketing data.

Here are a few of the tools and website marketing data you must track on your WordPress sites.

Google Analytics
Every WordPress site must install Google Analytics. You can get to know the following using this tool:

  1. Those that visit your site (location, operating system, browser, and many more)
  2. The number of visitors and the page that visits your website.
  3. You will find out how they got to know about your website, and many more.

Website Monitoring
The Google Search Console is a free tool that has remarkable marketing data. You can get to know keywords in your niche that produce top search engine result page ranking. Also, it will help you to identify errors Google crawlers find on your website. These errors sometimes are the cause for low orders of some websites.

Email List Growth and Performance Tracking
Most businesses use email marketing services to attract prospective clients. However, it is essential to track the results of the various email messages sent out. Therefore, you can track traffic generation from your email campaigns using Google Analytics reports. You will find data like click-through rate, open rate, unsubscribe rate, and lots more.

Google AdWords Campaign Tracking
Many businesses use Google AdWords campaigns to get clients. This platform has a dashboard that shows how the ads are performing. But you need more information that will help you track pay traffic conversions. So, you can use Google Analytics built-in integration with your Google AdWords. Besides, you can use this feature to track your AdWords campaigns with more useful marketing data.

Outbound Links Tracking Using Google Analytics
An outbound link is any link that takes visitors away from your website. You can know the traffic you are sending to other websites or links. Of course, it is a useful marketing data if you are into affiliate marketing.

Track E-commerce Activities Using Google Analytics
An E-commerce site designed with WordPress can use the Google Analytics tool to get the shopping pattern or behavior of customers Performance of product lists, sales performance, and many more

Facebook Re-targeting Campaigns Tracking and Improvement
Facebook has a feature that allows you to display targeted ads on your website. So, those that have visited your website in the past can get these targeted ads. But you need to install a tool on your WordPress site to leverage this and get more traffic to your site.

Tracking Keyword Ranking
Having the right keyword on the pages of your website is very important. These Keywords are simple phrases users of search engine type to search for things. Furthermore, can use Google Search Console to track top ranking keywords. So, you can then align the pages of your website to these keywords and have more traffic and sales.

Campaign Level Tracking
Many business owners use different campaign strategies to promote their products and services.Therefore, you need to know the exact email, specific call to action link, or ad that generates more traffic or sales. You can use tools that give you useful marketing data for campaign URLs.

Written by Michael Moffah