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10 Top Reasons Why WordPress Sites Get Hacked (and How to Prevent it)

Secure your wordpress website

Every website on the internet is prone to hacking attempts. WordPress websites happen to be the most targeted because WordPress is one of the popular (if not the most popular) website builders. It hosts and powers about 31% of all websites, which can be several millions of websites. Here is a guide on the top reasons why wordpress websites get hacked and how to secure your wordpress website.

Reasons why WordPress websites get hacked and how secure your WordPress Website

  1. Insecure web hosting. All websites are hosted on a web server. Some hosting platforms do not secure their hosting platform well, and this makes all the websites hosted on their platform prone to hack.

You can prevent this by choosing the best WordPress hosting provider. It is recommended to use a managed WordPress hosting server.

  1. Weak passwords can make hackers guess your password easily or use some elementary hacking tools to detect the password.

To It would be best if you use a strong password for accounts such as WordPress admin account, FTP account, email accounts, and so on.

  1. Unprotected access to WordPress admin. This WordPress admin area allows users to perform different actions on the site. It is the most attacked area.

To prevent this, protect your WordPress admin account with a strong password. You can as well add two-factor authentication.

  1. Incorrect file permission. The set of rules used by web servers are called file permissions. It aids the web control server in accessing files. Incorrect permission can make hacking really easy
  2. Failure to update WordPress. As WordPress’s version increases, so are the security and bug fixing. So, failure to update the website is like you are intentionally making it vulnerable to attack.
  3. Failure to update plugin and themes can also make your WordPress website prone to hack. Security flaws, bugs, and hitches are often detected in plugins and themes. On detection, the plugins and themes are quick to resolve them. Using outdated themes and plugins makes your site vulnerable to hacks.
  4. Using admin as a WordPress username. This is not recommended. If your admin username is admin, you should change it because it can also lead to your WordPress website getting hacked.
  5. Failure to secure WordPress configuration file. This file contains your database login credentials. If not well secured, it can give a hacker information that can grant him or her complete access to your website.
  6. Failure to change the WordPress table prefix can also make your website prone to attack. It would help if you used a more complex prefix to make it difficult for the hacker to guess your database table name.
  7. Lastly, various websites distribute paid plugins for free online. Downloading plugins and themes from an unreliable website can be disastrous as it can leak some personal and database information. You should buy themes and plugins on WordPress verified websites, and if you can’t afford them, there are free alternatives on the verified website.